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Saint John, New Brunswick artist, Deanna Musgrave, is best known for her monumental paintings and public artwork such as, “Cloud” (2015), which is part of the collection of the University of New Brunswick; displayed at the Hans Klohn Commons building in Saint John, and measures 10’ high and 56’ long, as well as, “Nest” which covers the entire pedway between Saint John City Hall and Market Square. Her most recent public artwork, “Mirror” (2019), was unveiled at the Carleton North High School in Florenceville-Bristol and includes two back-to-back 6’6” circular paintings.

Musgrave has had a solo exhibition of her works in each year since her graduation from the Mount Allison Fine Arts program in 2005. Early on in her career, she was selected by the Beaverbrook Art Gallery in 2007 for the Studio Watch Award aimed at introducing promising new artists to the public and later included in “Off the Grid: Abstract Art in New Brunswick” at the Beaverbrook Art Gallery in 2014. Her recent solo show at the AX Art Centre in Sussex explored her research into artist, researcher and healer, Emma Kunz.

Musgrave is devoted to researching how art is the healer. She completed her thesis titled “Connecting Crossmodal Interactions in Visual Music to create ‘Mindful’ Experiences” as part of her Master of Interdisciplinary Studies at the University of New Brunswick. She is also trained in consulting hypnosis and various forms of energy healing which she utilizes to assist clients and create art. Through her part-time position as artist-teacher of the New Brunswick Art Bank’s “VanGo!” program, she visits schools across the province to share the art collection and lead students in workshops focused on what she terms “Mindful Guided Art.” She looks forward to continuing to research and share how intuition, empathy and healing can be developed and enhanced through transformative art.

Musgrave’s research passions also include the connections between art and music, which she lectured about at Mount Allison University’s Brunton Auditorium, as part of the Sackville Early Music Festival in the fall of 2018. Her art openings often involve musical collaborations with the musicians and composers of New Brunswick.

Her work has been enthusiastically reviewed by the New Brunswick media, and she has won numerous grants and awards from the New Brunswick Arts Board, Mount Allison University and the University of New Brunswick. Her work is featured in many public collections.